Dry Styling Event with Oribe Haircare - April 16th.

Dry Styling Event with Oribe Haircare - April 16th.

Lucky for those of us who live near Kiss and Makeup in North Vancouver on April 16th, an Oribe stylist is coming in to play!

It's a perfect way to learn new tips and tricks on how to quickly dry style your hair, layer products and learn how to make them perform better. Plus, if you buy 2 products you get a free full sized one from our gift basket. 

If you can't make it in store we have a special online treat for you as well. Free shipping code is here:


Oribe is a super hair stylist who has worked with EVERYONE. Seriously, everyone. The Huffington Post calls him the Worlds Greatest Celebrity Hair Stylist. Have a look at some of his editorial hair art here. Oribe quickly became a rising star after his collaborations with Jennifer Lopez on her first album cover bringing glamour back to hair. And, really JLO's hair is a testament to his craft as it's always amazing. 

Last time Taylor, our Oribe stylist came to visit, we learned that Dry texturizing spray is the most misused product. Clients think it's a dry shampoo - which it's really not. It is for Texture it has some dry shampoo benefits but think more like backcomb in a bottle. It adds grit to your hair to make it workable. Dry thick shampoo is Oribe's version of a dry shampoo and now also their newly launched Root-Touch up, which not only covers those pesky grey, but also has oil absorption properties inside.


The other day I was getting my hair done at Pony Salon who also carries Oribe, and it's a perfect time to pepper my stylist with product questions (sorry Christina). A product I would never have though of using was Gel Serum in my shoulder length hair. By layering Supershine Moisturizing Cream first and a dollop of the Gel Serum, followed by a big round curling iron and finished off with Apres Beach through the curls, Christina created a lovely, smooth, beachy, everyday hairstyle. The Gel Serum helped to created additional hold, without being crusty or flaky as one would assume with gel and the Supershine did just that keep my locks smooth and shiny. Apres Beach is my favourite product as it's so easy to throw in to make second day hair look tussled. 

(Not me nor my hair, but what I felt like as I was leaving the salon.)

So needless to say I am excited for what I get to learn next week. I will be focusing on Sexy Beach hair so that even if you're stuck in an office miles from the ocean, you give off the that tousled, spent-the-day-at-the-beach look. 

There are still a few spaces available so give us a call 604-922-6292 or email kisses@kissandmakeup.ca to book your spot.

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