Fight back against hair breakage.

Fight back against hair breakage.

These Satin Sleep Sets from KITSCH is your hair's new best friend. 

This trio contains a standard size pillow case, satin scrunchie and a sleep mask. 


Satin helps to reduce friction while you toss and turn, thus giving your hair a gentler sleep - reducing damage and tangles. 

A top knot fan while sleeping? These satin sleep scrunchies will do the trick. 

Their satin construction won't crimp or agitate our strands while you sleep, allowing you to wake up frizz-free and ready to take on the day.

Looking for a bonnet - there are 3 to choose from. A sleep scarf to tie as you please, a bonnet that is a perfect catch all and the satin lined sleep beanie - all designed to help with your hair the next morning. 

Hair breakage is a thing. These are easy steps to help with thinning, tangles and breakage. Also keeps your hair better styled for the next am.  


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