SPF + Ilia = Green Beauty Summer Perfection.

SPF + Ilia = Green Beauty Summer Perfection.

Kiss and Makeup is thrilled with Ilia Beauty's newest launch of the RADIANT Beauty + SPF lips collection. It not only meets their highest standards for eco, green, organic, good for you ingredients, but combines our 2 favourite things: great makeup + sun protection. 

Ilia Radiant Beauty SPF collection Canada  
SPF is a daily necessity in our lives to protect us against the harmful, and aging (gasp) affects of the sun. The problem with most sunscreens is that they are packed full of horribly nasty chemicals, thus you end up just trading in one problem for another. Not any more.
  All Your Gold Beauty Balm

First up, Ilia's All Your Gold 'Radiant Beauty Balm': is enriched with SPF 20 + infused with subtle gold pearls. This balm softly diffuses the light - giving a fresh, luminous glow to the skin. It’s the colour of warm golden honey that can be worn alone to give natural sun protection and glow or worn under your foundation as a primer to add a touch of brightness, and smooth out the skin.
Ilia all your gold beauty balm

All your gold is very humectant and a bit tacky when applied. It provides long lasting hydration, perfect for dry and mature skin. Left alone, you will feel the moisture on your face throughout the day. A fine coating of powder dusted overtop (ie Moondance) will knock down the tackiness (being the tactile feeling of stickiness and moisture not that it’s tacky like a Hawaiian shirt). It can also be used as a highlighter once your makeup is finished. Just dab a little on your cheek and brow bones.
Ilia #MOTD Green Beauty How to 
This product will incorporate into your summer beauty routine very easily as it’s versatile and all about the glow… which we are obsessed with.

  Ilia Moondance radiance powder

Next up, Moondance Ilia’s Radiant Translucent Powder: It offers SPF 20 protection with hints of luminosity and light reflection from the addition of crushed pearl. The Non-nano Zinc Oxide 14% is the natural source of sun protection while Hibiscus Flower extract acts as an anti-oxidant to the skin.
What we love about this updated powder is that there is now an open and close feature on it (so no more accidentally powdering your handbag). Toss‘er in your bag and go, she’s a great travel companion to refresh your look throughout the day.
Bombora Kokomo Ilia tinted lip conditioners
Finally we heart Ilia’s Tinted Lip Conditioners. Everyone forgets about their lips. Sunscreen is amply applied to face, arms, body, but your lips, not so much. Ilia the queen of lipsticks has remedied just that. They are just so easy to apply, wear and now they offer SPF 15 natural sun protection. Double heart.
Ilia Bombora Balmy Rays Kokomo Lip Conditioners
Don’t be fooled by your initial first glance, the colours appear quite bold but they glide on with a sheer soft coat that compliments most skin tones. What’s even better is the colour can be build up with a few coats to get that desired pop. Anything that can be worn multiple ways, we’re sold.
Bombora is a sheer easy red hue, while Kokomo is a sheer muted mauve and for those wanting au natural there is Balmy Rays. All three are packed full of botanicals and moisturizing cocoa and shea-butters to keep lips soft and kissable.

So get outside, enjoy the sun and be Beautiful.
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