this store's life.

it's been a busy few weeks with lots of great instagram snaps at Kiss and Makeup (@kissand_makeup) .

here's our highlight reel.

sweats and sweaters make us happy girls. these cozy delights from All Things Fabulous just landed on the floor. 

toes need love too. spring sock from Hansel from Basel do just that. 

in store makeup artist leigh did a great look of the week. need some inspiration check our her @leighdicksonartistry feed or come into Kiss and Makeup for some new ideas. 

Zoe Karssen tees are a staff favourite. it's a battle who get's what first (i got hero #forthewin!).

our everyday power-walk and talk around Ambleside dog park was a bit rainy most days. but who can complain, check out that view. 

the sun did come out for like a minute. here a collection of great face, lip and hair sun protection from Bumble and Bumble, Coola sunscreen, Becca Cosmetics and Fresh. 


our latest order of Rails buttondowns arrived. a staple in our lives. it's ok that i own 6 of them yes? 

our girl Trisha (kissn_tc) headed to Coachella. here was one of our outfit picks. 

Sonya Renee bubble gum gemstone rings are still going strong. having a hard time choosing just one. 

i'm banana for pineapples. how awesome is our sweatpant collection of late. soild picks from Cotton Citizen, Zoe Karssen and Monrow.

back by popular demand our black badass rose gold side zip Cotton Citizen sweatshirt. comfy and cool all in one. 

and finally, an Easter tradition - Southern Straits Race, which starts down in Dunderave. captain Sandy (aka my father) has now raced in all 46 of them. it's safe to say he's an old sea dog. 


till next week. kisses heather. 

oh, if your looking for me on the instagram i'm posting what i think are terribly interesting things @hhuntingford.

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