this store's life 1.2.15

2015. Oh man, if it's anything like 2014 we are in for another wild ride. 

2014 was quite the year for us here at Kiss and Makeup. After 10 years of being in the Village at Park Royal we made a big, scratch that huge, move to Lonsdale and 17th in North Vancouver. We're an independent boutique and strive to carry local, niche, original products, clothing, jewelry and apothecary.  The mall as it moved towards big and bigger box stores no longer fit out culture. It was time to make the break and get in on the ground floor of higher Lonsdale and be a part of the huge changes happening the neighbourhood.

The most exciting part of the move was re-design process. Amalgamating Kiss and Makeup's first and second store designs into this 3.0 version came together with a country chic eclectic mash up. Who knew that bull horns, french chandeliers, gilded mirrors and 100 year old barn wood worked together?!?

Don't get me wrong, version 1.0 and  2.0 were pretty spectacular but Kiss and Makeup 3.0 just feels right. Kinda like Goldilocks, it took her a while for porridge perfection.  

Kiss and Makeup 1.0 opened in the Park Royal Village on Sept 04. 2004. 


July 1st, 2009 we moved 3 doors down to Kiss and Makeup 2.0 with Parisian wallpaper, white on white and chandeliers. 

 2 days into the new year, the most exciting thing to date is the announcement of Kiss and Makeup version 4.0 in Olympic Village, False Creek Vancouver. For 10 years we have been harassed and harangued to get a store over town and it's finally happening. I'm pretty excited to see how this space design's itself and continue our quest to bring quality goods, unique designers and must have products to Vancouver. 


Kisses. xo 

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