why you should wash face? a little about tata harper cleansers.

why you should wash face? a little about tata harper cleansers.

Washing your face, we all forgot now and then (or are really just lazy) and hit the pillow fully made-up, waking looking less than stellar. Recently, Tata Harper Skincare introduced 2 new cleansers - a Nourishing Oil Cleanser and a Purifying Cleanser, bringing their cleansing regime up to 4.  Why do many choices? What's the big fuss all about? Is it really such a big deal like "forgetting" to floss? The long of the short of it, yes.

Skipping a face wash means bad things for your complexion (just to name a few) clogging pores, dulling skin, and accelerating aging. Huh. Simply put, washing your face is vital!

Religiously scrubbing your face removes the accumulation of daily grime. You might not see it, but a mass of tiny pollution particles have lodged happily in your pores, these in turn destroy your natural oils which act as a protective barrier. This all leads to collagen breakdown, irritation, cell damage, aging, wrinkles... basically a nightmare. 

How do you chose a cleanser that's right for you? This all depends on your skin type. Is it dry and flaky, oily and prone to breakouts or sensitive and highly irritable? Breaking down the cleansing options from Tata Harper there is a cleanser that's just right for each of you and your precious skin. 



The Refreshing Cleanser is the gentlest on the washing scale. 

-Removes impurities while minimizing pores.

-Removes makeup, even when a little tipsy. 

-Helps preserve hydration. 

Through the help of pomegranate enzymes, grapefruit, French pink clay and willow bark, the skin is left feeling happy, balanced, refreshed and most importantly hydrated. 

Tata Harpers Refreshing Cleanser is a perfect choice for sensitive and irritated skin prone to extreme dryness, eczema or psoriasis. 





The Regenerating Cleanser does all the same wonderful cleansing actions as the Refreshing Cleanser (pores, hydration, makeup removal, purifying, etc.) but has an added exfoliant element.

-Microspherical beads polish the skin and give an extra oomph in the battle against blackheads. 

-Apricot Seed Power gently exfoliates the skin without damaging it revealing smooth and glowing skin.

-Willow Bark helps to fight breakouts and reduce inflammation. 

This cleanser is suitable for all skin types but especially useful for oily and combination skin. If you have dry skin this is a great one or twice a week addition to your regime to help slough off the accumulating dead skin.        




The Purifying Cleanser is the superhero cleanser against oily and problematic skin.

It is a daily powerful and invigorating detoxifying cleanser designed to balance oiliness by effectively clearing pores, excess oil, dead skin and buildup.

-A Soap free cleanser made from foaming sugars enzymes.

-Skin feels cool and refreshed with it's invigorating blend of essential oils. 

-Balances excess oil and minimized the appearance of pores though Broccoli extract.




Finally, the Nourishing Oil Cleanser - fantastic for those of us who avoid the hassle of removing makeup at night.

-A silky hydrating wash created through a blend on oils dissolves the daily grime while leaving skin's moisture barrier intact - take that pollution.

-This cleanser is ideal for dry wintery climates.

-Packed full of vitamins and nutrients - Beta Carotene, Vit A,C,E, Omega 3.

-Helps soften any skin roughness and improves overall texture.

-Despite all the oils it has a non-greasy feeling. 



With all of Tata Harpers products a little goes a long way. This whole line is about quality, integrity, natural and nontoxic luxury skincare. Handmade with love on Tata's farm in Vermont, we really no longer have the excuse to not wash our face. 


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