one tank 3 ways.

    Our favourite products are what we call transition pieces.... A piece that gets us through the day and into the evening with a side trip to perhaps pick up children, hit the dog park or a quick coffee (ok, wine) with a girlfriend. It's all about having key pieces that your wardrobe is built around. That way you don't have to think about what to wear since we all know how much time thinking can take up!

    The other day I grabbed a new tank and make artist Jackie (very compliant to the random non makeup based things I make her do) and hit the skate park. It literally took 2 minutes to pull the outfits together. We centred the shoot around a new Over the Moontank from Chaser Brand and came up with 3 looks. 



    Outfit one. Denim on denim - the Canadian great that you can never go wrong with (unless you are a Brittany and Justin red carpet matching denim flashback).  Paired with plaid from Rails, this is a classic outfit for us. 

    And, these jeans from Mavi are actually Terry Cloth so sweatpants that look like jeans. Mindblowing. 

    Blanket Cape from Jackson Rowemade outfit 2. Adds an element of comfort, cosy and cool. Can also be used as a scarf! Perfect for the music festival season that is soon upon us. 

    Like superman sans the telephone booth, Jackie changed into outfit 3, one meant for the skate park. These crepe pants from Monrow are simply the best and we order them in again and again. We added on a bomber jacket from Cotton Citizen and finished the look off with an awesome-sause one of a kind backpack from Lloyd and Wolf. 

    You can shop the look here

    Later Skater.

    Kisses, hh & jb 

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