what's the deal with Raw Coconut Cream?

what's the deal with Raw Coconut Cream?

Coconuts seem all the rage these days. Using the latest “it” fruit in the skincare game, RMS beauty has created the ultimate product in their Raw Coconut Cream.

Despite their ability to knock us unconscious when falling from lofty palms your body loves coconuts.… think facial cleanser, skin moisturizer and makeup remover.

Rub a little bit of this beauty onto your skin to remove a full face of makeup, even waterproof, nourish your lashes, and cleanses all the daily environmental guck off your face. Additionally, coconut oil helps to fight the good fight against premature aging, free radical damage and soothes sunburns. To top it all off it moisturizes as well. So go ahead, rub a little or a lot where needed (think elbows, cuticles and split ends).
This pure, raw, and unrefined jar of authentic oil is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial benefits. Using a centrifuge extraction process makes this product superior over other coconut oils for two reasons; it naturally increases the shelf life of the product (more bang for your buck) and is easier for our body to process the nutrients in this raw form (increases effectiveness).

We should all be nuts about coconuts besides being the best part of a Pina Colada. RMS Beauty Raw coconut cream is simply a must in your skincare regime. 

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