this stores life 3.26.15

Spring is here and April showers are near, really they are, it's been raining for days and days. 
For those of you were able jet away over spring break, here's a round up of what you missed by those of us forced to stay and work, staring longingly at your "I'm on Vacation" instagram photos. 
These beauties from Anne Sportun arrived today. One of a kind diamond alternative engagement rings are in for a viewing. I DO! No proposal necessary. 
2 new lines from Australia are now part of our family. Eco Tan and Buddy Scrub. The first an all natural fake tanner Eco Tan. We have been on the hunt for one with pure ingredients for years now because usually they are just that full of fake crap. Secondly a Raw Cacao body scrub by Bubby Scrub. It's a cheeky, little smarmy, feels amazing product who we've taken a big liking to. 
The creative team at Bumble and Bumble have been busy and launched Surf Infusion, the latest in the surf family. This has all the beachiness of Surf Spray with the added softness of perfectly blended oils for your hair. So it you didn't make it to the beach your hair won't tell on you. 
We've been putting together loads of vacationing / fashionable / yet comfortable outfits.  This #ootd from Stillwater, Shereen de Rousseau, Brixton and Lloyd & Wolf totally did the trick, keeping with our sophisticated slouch style.
Our favourite candle Fairview from Vancouver Candle Co came back into our lives! 
Cherry Blooms a new fiber lash mascara is now in store. Great length and fullness without false lashes.
Back in stock by popular demand Gents baseball caps. Is it wrong that I now have 4?!!?
Native shoes has sneakers and we and our feet are psyched. I can't even begin to explain how HAPPPY I am that sneakers are now on trend, it took long enough. 
The five minute makeup is possible, especially with our best sellers from RMS beauty: Living luminizer, Lip to cheek, "un"-cover up, eye polish and "un"- powder.  You can do a lot with a little, really just smear it on, the line is just so user friendly. 
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