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 April Showers are here and it's been disrespectful outside. This downpour has me California Dreaming.

Recently, we hit Downtown LA for a 3 day Fall 15 buying binge. Hang on, yes, I said next fall. This spring has barely arrived but we are busily buying parkas and snow boots for the next polar vortex. Nothing like a 30 degree heat and trying on cashmere sweaters and toques.

Sweat is glamorous, right?

In honour of my 'Cali State of Mind' here are a few of our favourites lines at Kiss and Makeup that carries out of this great state.

1 - Sol Angeles.

Sol Angeles, deeply Rooted in the effortless California lifestyle, is a low maintenance approach to refined living...... so totally right up our Sophisticated Slouch style alley. 

These pullovers are super-duper soft and comfy, and I think it's ok to add one to my wardrobe each season? You can wear them out and about, to the gym, to the beach and even bed... like me right now.

Plus, palm trees are always a win. 

2 - Ilia Beauty.



Ilia is beauty for the boho babe and high fashion diva.

Breaking the conventional "organic" stereotype with a sleek, on trend design and obsessive must use over and over again product.  Launched right here in our back yard of West Vancouver, Ilia has taken off around the world and re-rooted in LA.

They are known "for like....totally obvious reason" for their Tinted Lip Conditioner that provide the perfect amount of sheer lip colour. 

3 - Dr. Sponge.

The name. I know. It makes me think of a character in an Austin Powers movie. It's not. 


Dr. Sponge is a Konjac based facial sponge that is extremely gentle and soft. It's “J-E-L-L-O-like” fibre texture allows it to cleanse as it glides across your skin and mildly exfoliates simultaneously. Yah for the two-fer. This technology was originally made for babies so it is baby skin soft. It's also great at clearing pores, removing light makeup, dirt, oil, and even blackheads!

Konjac is all the rage these days and with reason. Have you tried one? Really, do. I love washing my face with this and anything making me want to wash my face at the end of a long day, is a big deal.

4 - Brixton.


Brixton, these cats are cool. Inspired by music, culture, and the people who surround them, they are California. A group of guys who got together and made a line that worked with their skater / surfer, longer, blonder, saltier hair.
Their newest Ranger is part of their limited edition festival season collection. This hat will keep the sun off your face while you galavant around Coachella or let you be the boss of a camp ground. Whichever works for you. 
rang·er - ˈrānjərnoun
1.a keeper of a park, forest, or area of countryside.

5 - Coola Suncare.

And, finally sunscreen because this is a necessity for California living. Also, I am obsessed with sunscreen. 

I love their Mineral Cucumber Matte Finish Sunscreen, SPF 30. It lays the best base for foundation and cover up as it has a BB cream like consistency that smooths out the looks of lines, wrinkles and pores. Also, sunscreen is your best defence (besides a hat) to anti-aging. 


Three other things that came to mind while writing this post..... I'm keen to go grab an airstream and wind my way along California's Pacific Coast Highway, which Travel Channel calls "America's Most Popular Road Trip for a Reason", right now.... or go rent this one here from AirBnB.


Secondly, I've got the Beach Boys on the brain as I've been singing "I wish they all could be California Girls" in conjunction to writing this blog. 


And finally, it's time to sign off and go watch CLUELESS (which is actually based on Jane Austen's 1815 Emma ) because shallow, rich, bored socialites are always entertaining regardless of which century. 

Mel: What the hell is that? Cher: A dress. Mel: Says who? Cher: Calvin Klein.
Kisses, hh
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