Too Cool for Coachella - Let's Couchella.

    Anyone else tired of seeing how much festival fun is being had in that arid, warm,  palmy desert? Yeah, us too and Coachella weekend 2 is about to start.

    Quote of the day, "I am so fricking (stronger word used here) sick of seeing hippy festival fringe in my newsfeed (said by a last year Coachella attendee)". If your not there, you're bitter. It can't be helped as all that fashion, music, and desert fun that keeps flashing up on your instagram. 

    In spirit of the festival season kick off we are celebrating Couchella, for those of us stuck at home! We've put together a collection of our must haves which will carry you though the many more summer music festivals to come. Starting now until 11:59pm Sunday April 19th, these select pieces are on SALE. Get your shop on now. 


    1 - kimono, check. (bb dakota, otherworld, glamorous)

    2 - wrap bracelet, check. (alden rae)

    3 - temporary tattoos, check. (boho marks)

    4 - festival hat, check. (brixton) 

    5 - picnic blanket, check. (pendleton)

    6 - statement necklace, check. (the goldbarr)

    7 - printed tank, check. (sol angeles)


    Your all kited up now and ready to festival. Throw on your favourite tunes, find your wolf pack, chill some bevies, take a whack of selfies and enjoy the weekend. 

    Peace out. 


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