who is R+CO

who is R+CO


When one imagines a group of top hairstylist, salons, and editorialists working together there would be drama, a few oversized egos and probably big heads (not due to backcombing) involved. Then along came R+CO ... a trio of hair heroes banded together to create a first-of-its-kind collaborative salon brand.

That’s right, 3 of the most influential hair stylists in the industry, working together, as a team. The collective behind Rogue and Company is Howard McLaren, Thom Priano and Garren . R+CO is basically a “superbrand” compiling all their years of professional experience in salon, technical education, editorial, fashion and lifestyle work into one line.

Each stylist brings his own specific talent set to the brand. Howard’s been creative director for massive companies such as Bumble and bumble and Toni & Guy. He’s a master educator who brought back razor cutting as a true technique. Garren is high fashion. With over 1,000 magazine covers to his name like Vogue and Vogue and more Vogue he’s true styling guru. And, Priano knows men and grooming. Think iconic Calvin Klein underwear and Abercrombie and Fitch ads.

@Taylorswift has thick, naturally wavy hair, and ANALOG helped give it a nice, rough texture without being heavy,” explained @GarrenNewYork of his March 2015 @VogueMagazine cover shoot.

With their love for the craft these gentlemen have created R+CO’s consist of 23 paraben-free, sulfate (SLS or SLES)-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, cruelty-free and color safe products. All the things any green beauty minded consumer loves to hear. The products are created with health of hair and scalp at top of mind, with unique ingredients and complexes to deliver true benefits. 

The line stands out with bright, bold, and exciting packaging. With tongue in cheek names like “Dallas” for really big hair, “Death Valley” as a dry shampoo and “Park Avenue” for those of you who simply cannot bear to go out with anything less than perfectly blown-out hair (which by the way was this years Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty Winner). But, it’s the performance that makes the lasting an impact. The line is curated, concise and user friendly on the consumer side, not just a wow I got my hair done but can never repeat what my stylist did kind of line. With R+Co we really do feel like we hit the Jackpot

Best part about a new line is that staff get's to test and try out all the product! Our current favourite new combo that gives perfectly tousled summer hair is…..wash locks with Analog cleansing foam conditioner, then dry styled with Mannequin Paste on the ends and a little Rockaway salt spray through the roots for easy everyday style.


@hhuntingford's do it yourself beachy hair.

@jackie_blox's at tousled texture at home hair style. 

@GarrenNewYork shows us how to do it. We were pretty close!

So join the movement, enjoy the experience and go rogue. 

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