Gorgeous Summer Skin with Eco by Sonya Driver

Gorgeous Summer Skin with Eco by Sonya Driver

We all want smooth radiant skin all year round, but especially during the summer months. It's time to wear our shorts, dresses, and bathing suits... lets face it, we are exposing a lot more skin!

We have all fallen in love with Eco Tan products, being 100% natural, organic and vegan! Eco Tan's Invisible Tan, Winter Skin and Face Tan Water create the most natural tan, without any hidden nasties that some conventional self-tanners use.

In addition to being beautifully bronzed with Eco Tan, we have some great news... NEW in house is Eco by Sonya Driver! It is so important to use organic quality ingredients; after all your skin is your largest organ and you don't want anything harmful or toxic being absorbed into your bloodstream. NO WAY! 

Eco by Sonya Driver products are a miracle sent from the skin gods! Just like her tanning products, founder Sonya created certified organic, natural, vegan and toxic free body care products that are seriously life changing!

For someone who has sensitive skin, I love using these products and here is why:

Pink Himalayan Salt ScrubAlong with pink himalayan salt used as a natural exfoliant, this scrub contains coconut oil and lemongrass for their antibacterial and healing properties! This will target stretch marks, dry flaky skin, any uneven pigmentation, acne and cellulite! Good bye dull skin -- Hello soft, subtle skin!

Body Wash with Coconut and MintNext time you take a shower, invigorate your mind and body with the refreshing blend of coconut and mint! With the most heavenly scent, this body wash will never strip away moisture with harsh foaming agents such as SLS and soap (aka my worst nightmare). Rather your skin will be soft and moisturized with aloe vera, perfect for even the most sensitive skin types.

Coconut Body MilkThis gentle nourishing moisturizer provides instant relief to dehydrated skin with soothing coconut and aloe vera. The handy pump makes it so easy to apply when getting out of the shower or even just when you need to get some instant relief - especially for those with eczema and psoriasis, this stuff will be your new best friend! It provides long-lasting hydration and feels so nourishing when applied, and with the added benefit of jojoba and macadamia oils, you will look like you took a trip to the youth fountain after using this product!

Coconut DeodorantNow that you skin looks amazing, you also want to smell amazing! Say no more -- This formula contains NO aluminum or parabens and smells divine with a natural coconut scent. It's the perfect size to fit in my bag, so I can have easy access to re-apply if need be with an easy roller applicator! Everyone will love this - and it actually works!!

Get ready to transform your body the organic and natural way! Your skin will thank you later! 


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