Lusting For Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

Lusting For Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

New to the Oribe family is the Gold Lust Dry Shampoo! This is everything you have ever wanted from a dry shampoo!

I've always been rather picky when it comes to dry shampoo. Often it sprays out white and looks like you've sprayed baby powder in your hair. My scalp and hair are left dry and itchy (sad face) ... But then the hairs gods presented this magic of a hair product! Gold Lust Dry Shampoo!

Being a part of the Gold Lust family, not only does this dry shampoo extend your blowout and absorb build up, excess oil and impurities with celery seed extract and translucent powders, but it actually nourishes and fortifies dry hair with myrrh extract!

For those days between washes when you need that life added back into your hair, Gold Lust Dry Shampoo works using bamboo & rice silks to give you instantly clean soft and silky hair with gorgeous body and movement! It sprays on clear so its perfect for all hair colours.

This product also uses the Oribe Signature Complex (Watermelon, Lychee and Edelweiss Flower Extracts) which defends hair from oxidative stress, photo aging and the deterioration of natural keratin all while protecting from the drying, damaging and colour-depleting effects of the elements. Ingredients like lavender and chamomile help to moisturize and hydrate, soothing a dry, itchy scalp.

I have fallen in love with this product! Give it a try - your hair will look and smell like heaven!

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