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Refining Vitamins for your face? Yes Please!

When it comes to our health, we often take vitamins and supplements to give our bodies the boost they need to thrive! Well guess what... we now have a vitamin dose for the face! That's right! Give your skin a boost from the outside in! (It's our drug of choice).

New in store from one of our favourite green beauty lines, Agent Nateur, is holi (c). This product is super cool - a fine powder of face vitamins that can be mixed directly with your go-to moisturizer, serum or SPF. Works beautifully with Agent Nateur's holi (oil).

Agent Nateur uses the highest grade of non-gmo vitamins sourced in Europe. holi (c) is formulated with French-patented calcium and non-gmo vitamin c. Now what does adding these ingredients do to boost our skin? Think reversing fine lines, smoothing, brightening, tightening and evening out your complexion. Ohhh but it doesn't end there... this magic powder will heal scars, acne and even help rosacea. Too much sun? Take a dose of this and help repair the damage. 

By stimulating the production of elastin and hyaluronic acid (the key to anti-aging), you can restore your skins suppleness! Say hello to youthful looking skin!

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