Sun Smarts

Sun Smarts

It is crucial to stay sun smart all year round, not only for immediate protection from UV rays and burning, but to also protect your precious skin long-term for years to come. Protecting your skin NOW will help with reducing chance of skin cancer, wrinkles, spots, and improve overall skin health in the future!

We love enjoying the outdoors, soaking up some vitamin D, looking stylish in our hats, wearing natural and luxurious sunscreen, and wearing tinted SPF lip products! It’s really that easy -- and taking the steps to staying sun safe can actually look pretty trendy!


At Kiss and Makeup we have got you covered for the sunny days ahead (pun intended)!

Here are our picks for staying sun safe:


We're ready to hit the pool, but don't want to burn of course! Some generic sunscreens tend to be sticky and overly scented and packed with nasty unnatural ingredients! Rather we carry a great line of natural mineral sunscreens. Soleil du Midi Continuous Mist Broad Spectrum is a 100% mineral based sunscreen that come in both SPF 30 and 50. It also nourishes and moisturizes the skin with potent antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals. This stuff works amazingly and feels more like a luxurious moisturizer than a sunscreen!

Also for a great price point we carry Sun Bum Continuos Spray Sunscreen in SPF 15. This sunscreen is so easy to use, water resistant and ultra sheer becoming dry to the touch! It also enriches the skin with Vitamin E for added skin anti-aging benefit. For those who are active, we opt for Sun Bum Signature Suncreen in SPF 30 or SPF 50. These are mineral based sunscreens with the best broad spectrum protection to those who work and play hard in the sun. It will never bleed into your eyes, never make your hands slippery, and won't come off during the most rigorous activities in the water, wind, or blazing hot sun! We love this stuff!


A great way to protect your face is to incorporate an SPF product into your everyday makeup routine!

You can begin with a Coola Face Cucumber Matte Finish or Coola Face Natural BB Cream Unscented Matte Tint in SPF 30 as a base before you apply make-up. These mineral products work on all skin types, feel like a primer and leaves a beautiful matte finish on the skin. Also Coola Face Organic CC Cream Rose Essence Tinted Moisturizer in SPF 20 offers an all in-one-protection and healthy, corrective glow with a slight tint.

Sun Bum Signature has a face stick in SPF 30 which is great for on the go application also being water resistant and non-greasy. Soleil du Midi has a high spectrum SPF 45 protection perfect for those who want a higher SPF -- all while hydrating and smoothing fine lines.


Otherwise for practically everyday wear we use Ilia radiant beauty balm SPF 20 or Ilia sheer tinted moisturizer SPF 20 for a beautiful sheer coverage with the bonus added SPF protection.



One of the last things we think of when wearing sun protection is using a lip spf product. We have both Ilia SPF 15 lipsticks in a clear or two gorgeous shades, as well as Sun Bum Sunscreen Lipbalm in SPF 30 in pink grapefruit, mango, and coconut scents.



To protect the top of your scalp, as well as create some shade for the face, the always stylish Brixton and Hat Attack hats will provide the most fashionable protection.

Now it's time to slap on some sun protection and hit the beach in style!!!

xo K&M


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