Vancouver Candles + Toronto Collection

Vancouver Candles + Toronto Collection

I absolutely love a candle that burns super evenly, actually permeates an entire room with scent, and is made with quality ingredients like soy wax and cotton wicks. This is when I start to gush about Vancouver Candle Co. candles. Oh and of course the best part is that they're locally made! (does the name give it away...?)

These candles are so incredible in every way, from the colourful boxes, to the little descriptions on the packaging, to the minimal design. 


Each neighbourhood has a unique scent profile inspired by its character. You literally cannot go wrong with any of them. The original Vancouver neighbourhoods smell amazing, but the new editions of the Toronto neighbourhood collection gives us eight more candles to obsess over!

Vancouver neighbourhoods include: Fairview, Gastown, Kitsilano, Mount Pleasant, Point Grey, StrathconaYaletown, & North Shore.

Toronto Neighbourhoods include: Distillery, High Park, Leslieville, Queen West, Rosedale, The Annex, The Beaches, & Yorkville.

A little trick to ensure the best burn is to keep your candles wicks trimmed (about a quarter inch long) before lighting. Thankfully they made a wick trimmer to help us do that effortlessly. It is gold-plated, shiny and beautiful sitting next to your candle.

Vancouver Candle Co. candles are the ultimate artisanal product! Using traditional techniques, these candles are handmade in small batches with premium soy wax, 100% cotton wicks and natural essential oils that are carefully combined with cosmetic grade fine fragrance oils. Absolutely no harmful additives! You will find each candle is numbered and signed for quality control. Also they burn for 60 plus hours! (30 plus for the travel sizes.)

There is a reason why this line has achieved a cult status - hellooooo heavenly scents! They also make the perfect gift for any occasion, especially the travel size tins for that extra add-on!

Check them out in store and online here!




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