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CV Skinlabs is an organic, natural and incredibly soothing reparative skincare line. Clinically proven formulas that nurture, sooth and repair the skin while using non-toxic ingredients. These products work wonders on inflamed skin, eczema, psoriasis, shaving, dermatitis, essentially all kinds of skin irritants.

I found this line in the quest to help sooth my father's skin as he undergoes Cancer treatments. All the medication makes his blood itch (seriously) and CV Skinlabs rescue + relief and body lotion has been remarkable at easing his discomfort. Applying both morning and night allows him to get through they day without having to take anti-itch medication. 

Creator Britta Aragon and I bonded over the relief that the creams created for my father, as the line was created in her quest to ease her own father's discomfort. Funny enough we also went to the same high school and here at Kiss and Makeup we love nothing more than to support successful local West Vancouver entrepreneurs.