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r+co | atlantis - moisturizing shampoo

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  • A variety of factors can dry out hair: the sun, coloring and blow-drying, just to name a few. If your hair needs moisture, use ATLANTIS to bring its life back.

    Good for: Thick, coarse or moisture-deprived hair.

  • Apply mid-length and work into the ends and roots.

  • Babassu Oil, this oil from Brazil, moisturizes dry and damaged hair from roots to ends, leaving it healthy and smooth.

    Witch Hazel, sourced from Japan, witch hazel balances out hydration levels and prevents frizz.

    Rosemary, harvested in Portugal, this ingredient maintains scalp health and removes product build up.

    Nettle, found in Malaysia, Nettle conditions and protects against color fading.

    Vegetable Protein, this powerful hair-strengthening ingredient increases moisture content.