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susanne kaufmann

susanne kaufmann - advent calendar

It’s that time of year again, our special Advent Calendar has arrived. The origin of the word “advent” comes from the Latin word “advenire”, meaning expectation or arrival, waiting for Christmas. For most people, Advent is a special time of year: A time of contemplation and calmness, of anticipation and expectation, but the pre-Christmas period can also sometimes be pretty stressful. There is a remedy to cure it: the advent calendar by Susanne Kaufmann organic treats. Open a window every day and discover 24 surprises. Luxurious baths, indulgent body creams, nurturing hair products and fragrant body oils from the Susanne Kaufmann organic treats wellness line. The Susanne Kaufmann Advent Calendar transforms this year’s Advent period into an extraordinary, original and healthy 24 days.



1 Herbal Whey Bath nourishing
2 De-stress Oil
3 Shampoo Repair
4 Witch Hazel Bath
5 Foot Bath warming
6 Shower/Shampoo Line M
7 Hand Soap
8 Oil Bath for the Senses
9 Alkali Salt deacidifying
10 Muscle Release Oil
11 Mallow Blossom Bubble Bath
12 Body Butter
13 Mask Intensive Repair
14 Foot Cream warming
15 Herbal Bath Salt
16 Hand Lotion
17 Resculpting Oil
18 Oil Bath Winter
19 Shower/Shampoo
20 Body Lotion Line M
21 Herbal Whey Bath calming
22 Conditioner Repair
23 Detox Oil
24 St. John‘s Wort Bath