Since the launch of their premiere collection of color cosmetics in 1995, Vincent Longo Cosmetics has been a beauty and fashion insider's make-up brand of choice. Known for luxurious, high performance formulas and trend setting color palettes, the brand has developed a cult like following among stylish, sexy, self - confident women around the world. A-list actors and actresses, supermodels, professional make-up artists, film and television directors, beauty and fashion editors - those who utilize make-up on the job as well as for personal enhancement - share a special appreciation for how well our products work on the fashion runway, on-camera and in real life. 

Using patented and proprietary technology, Vincent Longo Cosmetics conceive and formulate all of their products. Considered groundbreaking originals, many, such as the Water Canvas Foundation, Lipstain SPF 15 Lipstick, Lip and Cheek Gel Stain and The Curl Mascara, have won numerous Best of beauty awards. Long lasting wear, ease of use, and perfectly in-the-moment color options that work for all complexions are the hallmarks of the brand and make each new seasonal collection eagerly anticipated.