Welcome to our world.

Kiss and Makeup has been kicking around the North Shore of Vancouver for over 10 years now. We opened our first teeny tiny boutique back in 2004.

We like cool things, this doesn't mean we're cool, just cooler by association. 

The shop is really an accumulation of things we want / need in our lives - so we stick pretty true to our West Coast lifestyle, outside as much as possible be it hiking or gardening, buying local vegetables and goods from our many farmer's makers, going to yoga, skiing, crossfit, eating out and about the city and last but not least really enjoying our local BC wine (or champagne). 

The products we chose are the best on the market. We try not to overlap and search for original goods. Our clothing is based around our love of diamonds, champagne and sweatpants. we call this "sophisticated slouch". We love to support the amazing talent of brands found in Vancouver and Canada, as well as many smaller artisan brands based mostly in LA, but from around the world as well. 

Our skincare and makeup is the best one the market.  Products are as green, natural, organic (and effective) as possible. 

For an accurate realtime idea of who we are our instagram account @shopkissandmakeup is pretty on point. You can follow me @hhuntingford, the wizard behind the scene.