bio dome hair purifier + anti pollutant spray

    An elegant mist that refreshes + purifies hair from pollutants.

    This elegant mist refreshes and purifies hair from pollutants. Its delicate formula is gentle on strands and effective in helping keep your hair smelling fresh. Featuring a unique blend of purifying and soothing ingredients, its lightweight formula leaves hair clean, shiny and soft to the touch.

    Good For
    Anyone looking to purify their hair from pollutants while keeping hair shiny and soft to the touch.

    Vitamin E, protects hair from the environment + moisturizes strands.

    70% Ethyl Alcohol, acts as an antiseptic active and helps to eliminate bacteria.

    Sage, Willow Bark + Thyme Leaf Extract, protects from pollutants and helps purify strands + remove odors from hair fiber.

    Pathenol, helps to increase softness and nourish hair. Known to promote hair growth.