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    susanne kaufmann

    susanne kaufmann | eye cream line A

    It contains an intelligent combination of active botanical substances and cosmeceuticals which activate the skin to fill and reduce wrinkles as well as provide long-term moisture and smoother appearance. These are the natural cell protection shield ectoine, which delays the aging of the skin and pure bioflavonoids which fight free radicals. Also highly effective essences such as fermented extract from the white lupine which stimulates the collagen production and elderberry extract to reduce swollen eyes. It does not contain any spreading agents and can be applied to the entire eye.


    This light but nutrient cream should be regularly applied in the mornings and evenings. Gently on the zygomatic arch and the upper eyelid massage. Ideal eye care for swollen eyes. Reduces dark circles. As required 1-2 times a week to use as an eye mask.