kosas | chemisty - deodorant

    Your pits need an AHA moment. This is a stain-free serum deodorant with a unique blend of AHAs for the ultimate BO-fighting treatment. Bonus points: soothes skin, visibly brightens, and helps with ingrown hairs. No aluminum. No baking soda. Only pit-nourishing ingredients allowed.


    Shikimic Acid

    Natural deodorizer

    Mandemic Acid

    Helps address dullness and discoloration

    Lactic Acid

    Exfoliates and holds in moisture

    Pure Aloe Vera Juice

    Moisturizes + soothes

    Hyaluronic Acid

    Hydrates, softens + smoothes skin

    Highly Bioactive Peptide

    skin-conditioning + firming