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    midnight paloma

    midnight paloma - glow kit

    Bundle Includes:
    Rose Quartz Roller
    Face Oil 

    Promote glowing skin, reduce puffiness and give your skin a natural energy boost with our Facial Roller & Face Oil. You’ll feel refreshed and look brighter than ever with this duo.

    About the Rose Quartz Roller
    -Relax Facial Muscles
    -Release Tension + Toxins
    -Promotes Natural Glow
    -Helps with Circulation
    -Reduces Puffiness
    -Natural Energy Boost

    These tools are made of Rose Quartz Crystal and therefore are delicate. Please be careful when using, they can break if mishandled or dropped!

    About the Face Oil
    Alleviate redness and regenerate cell growth with our all natural serum. Our serum is the perfect on-the-go hydrator. Think of it as a hydrating oil. Our hero ingredient carrot seed oil is rich in beta carotene, Vitamin A + E. It will heal dry chapped skin, rejuvenate and give you an instant glow.

    How to Use
    After cleansing, use the Facial Oil to nourish, reduce redness and hydrate. If you have any dry areas that need some extra hydration, concentrate it there.

    Use the Rose Quartz Roller to roll the oil deeper into the skin, penetrating your product and prepping your skin for makeup or for to look its best on a makeup free day.