par avion tea

par avion | key lime pie - tea

Transport yourself to warm, summer days with the next best thing to a slice of key lime pie – this is a pleasing and healthful black tea blend of lime leaves, lime juice, lime pieces, and sweet candied pineapple. Delicious hot or cold.

Steeping Suggestions
*1½ tsp. loose leaf tea or 1 tea sachet
*8 oz. boiling (212°) water
*steep for 3 minutes

Tea Latte Recipe (1 serving)
3 tsp. tea, 1 cup water, ½ cup steamed milk, ½ tsp. sugar or condensed milk. Steep tea in water and add to steamed milk.

Ingredients: Organic black tea, black tea, pineapple, flavors, lemon peel, marigold petals, lemon myrtle, lime leaves, stevia, lime juice, lime bits