sjal | balans deep pore cleanser

    • A luxurious, non-foaming, aqueous gel-crème cleanser that delivers instant hydration, calming and soothing benefits while detoxifying skin, minimizing pores and brightening the complexion. removes excess sebum and helps protect against moisture loss and irritation, leaving skin cleansed, radiant, nourished, toned, and lifted. a refined, modern version of a classic deep pore cleanser. suitable for all skin types.
    • Apply to dry or damp skin, gently massage and rinse off thoroughly. for best results, follow with själ mineral källa [energy tonic]. ideal for day and night.
    • Key Ingredients: African whitewood extract, bio-adhesion moisture complex & fig extract.

      Gem Stones & Minerals: gold, silver, pearl & rose quartz

      Contains silver and gold colloidal which are known as natural anti-bacterials and antimicrobials helping to balance and calm skin.
      1. Helps regulate sebum while reducing appearance of pores and skin shine with African whitewood extract. *
      2. Helps promote cellular detoxification, oxygenation, and brightening with a pearl extract complex.**
      3. Helps protects against water loss with fig leaf extract and bio-adhension moisture complex. ***
      4. Helps softens and soothes skin with rice bran extract and vitamin e.
      5. Breaks down and emulsifies make-up.