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natural deodorant - it’s time to make the switch.

I’ve tried all (ok, well like 10) natural deodorants and was having a terrible time finding one that would work for me. I was stinky and sweaty and sticky and gross so would unfortunately switch back to the drug store brand even knowing that they were potentially harmful.

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who is R+CO

When one imagines a group of top hairstylist, salons, and editorialists working together there would be drama, a few oversized egos and probably big heads (not due to backcombing) involved. Then along came R+CO…. A trio of hair heroes banded together to create a first-of-its-kind collaborative salon brand.

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Kiss and Makeup is a-list apothecary, apparel & accessories boutique established in 2004. A beauty haven for niche cosmetics, skincare, & haircare. Also, cult fashion favourites & must haves. 

North Vancouver

1760 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver BC V7M 2J7 

phone: 604-922-6292  

Mon - Fri 10 - 6 | Sat 11 - 6 | Sun 12 - 5



1791 Manitoba Street, Vancouver BC V5Y 0G9

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