Get to Know: TruMarine™ Collagen

Get to Know: TruMarine™ Collagen

Ever hear about withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen but don't not know what it's all about? What is collagen and what does it do? Does it have a taste? These questions are very common, and I used to ask them myself.

Well let's get right into it and get to know one of our favourite products here at K+M: withinUs TruMarine Collagen.

Collagen is basically what builds up our bodies. BUT after the age of 25 we unfortunately lose 1% of our collagen per year, which causes our skin to wrinkle, joints to stiffen and bones to weaken (boo hoo).

Enter withinUs TruMarine Collagen...Basically this stuff is magically white powder that you can put into any beverage of your choice (hot or cold water, smoothies, tea, coffee etc.) or food as well! Just by adding 1-2 scoops of collagen to your daily regimen will start to reap in the benefits including:

  • helps strengthen hair and nails
  • repair UV skin damage
  • help minimized fine lines and wrinkles
  • enhances bone strength and flexibilty
  • reduce joint pain
  • increase skin hydration and suppleness

...And that's a big YES PLEASE to all of those! By taking collagen supplement rather than topically, it helps you glow from the inside out!


What's it made from? This collagen is ultra-pure! Made from 100% Hydrolyzed (fish scale) Collagen. That's it! No other ingredients, preservatives or stabilizers. Sourced from exclusive, sustainable, wild fish found in the deep, pristine waters of the South Pacific Ocean (just north of Australia).

What does it taste like? It is tasteless and odourless! Added bonus!!

How does it work you ask? TruMarine™ Collagen has a high concentration of specific amino acids which are scientifically proven to help with the formation of collagen within the body. This aids in the creation and function of muscles, bones, joints and skin.

ALSO get this.. it helps build and tone lean muscle by promoting the production of natural creatine, which is essential for new muscle growth following workouts....So after hitting the gym or going for a run you DEFS are going to want to through a scoop of collagen into your smoothie! It's a healthier and purer alternative to sugary protein bars. 

I hope that cleared up some questions friends. I love this product and know you will too!

Check out withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen in store or online here.


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