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 A simplified, high performance, holistic skincare line.

Sjal is luxurious skincare line infused with vitamins, minerals and peptides to provide nourishment, hydration, a natural tightening and lift to your skin. Each product is charged with precious minerals (think all things glittery... gold, silver, copper, platinum, and geranium). These electro-stimulants help to increase cellular productivity, performance of active ingredients, and repair to the skin. 

We (kiss and makeup) have been partnered with sjal for a decade now. We are huge supporters and believers in sjal's product range, as we have seen and felt the results first hand. This line has withstood the constant influx of new products on the market by being a forerunner on product innovation, ingredient use, integrating eastern and western medicine, has earned (and, rightly so) a permanent place in our daily skincare regime and hearts!