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Meet the Maker: Susanne Kaufmann

Here at Kiss and Makeup we love natural, affective skincare, and it doesn't hurt if the packaging is gorgeous! That's why we're super excited about the latest to hit shelves - the luxurious line of Susanne Kaufmann Skincare & Bodycare - as Susanne likes to call her "Organic Treats".

Let's get to know Susanne Kaufmann and her brand:

Where is this line from?

Susanne Kaufmann comes from the Bregenzer Forest, a unique valley in the Alps where the knowledge of the healing powers of nature are passed down from generation to generation.  It is a very small place in Austria - very close to Switzerland and on the north to Germany, and Italy. 

How was the line born?

Kaufmann originally learned about skincare through her grandmother, who taught her about the power of natural ingredients and their amazing ability to solve problems. Years later, in 2003, Susanne took over the family business— the Hotel Post Bezau (her great-great-grandfathers' hotel that was a former post office turned picturesque alpine lodge in 1850). When Susanne could not find a chemical, preservative, and colour-free skin-care line for the hotels spa, she took initiative to start her own line of natural skincare products. The Susanne Kaufmann line was born and has been developing a cult following ever since. 

What makes the line different?

Taking a holistic approach to skincare to promote a powerful sense of well-being, Susanne Kaufmann uses skin-specific formulas with the greatest possible compatibility. Every product is results-oriented made by a small team in the Bregenzer Forest. Packed with organic, energy-rich oils and locally foraged active alpine plant ingredients including Chamomile, Sage and St. John’s Wort, the line offers powerful nourishing and regenerative effects.

With Christmas just around the corner, what better way to try the new Susanne Kaufmann line than with her Advent Calendar - including luxurious baths, indulgent body creams, nurturing hair products and fragrant body oils from the Susanne Kaufmann organic treats wellness line. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy such a luxurious treat everyday?

If you are looking for a luxurious, indulgent spa-like experience while still using natural products, Susanne Kaufmann is the line for you! You can explore the entire line in store or online



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