NEW Graydon Skincare // Powered by Plants

NEW Graydon Skincare // Powered by Plants

We are so excited to introduce our latest obsession - Graydon Skincare. 

Here at Kiss and Makeup we LOVE natural beauty products and skincare. Meet the newest line to our skincare family. Graydon is natural, effective, simple and affordable! There is something for everyone in this line -- even the guys and the whole family! 

Graydon is Canadian made (which we love) and uses the best plant powered bio-available ingredients (think superfoods like broccoli, berries, chia and avocado). So no... you don't need a science degree to understand the ingredient list.

There is something for all skin types in this line. If you're sensitive or have combination skin check out Super Sensitive Skin Stuff. If you have dry or mature skin look to Berry Rich. Suffering from redness or irritation, try Face Food Mineral Mist! You'll find that these products are very suitable for all skin types.

In the past few years I have noticed that the more natural my products are the better my skin feels. Thankfully Graydon is free of: fillers, petrochemicals, nasty chemicals, phthalates, artificial fragrances/colours. These 'nasties' only cause havoc to the skin. Rather Graydon products feed your skin with nutrient dense plant powered ingredients! It's like a salad for your skin! Especially the Green Cream, this stuff packs the green power -- loaded with phytonutrients including chlorophyll for amazing detox benefits.

You and your skin are going to love this line!
Explore Graydon in stores or here.
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