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oribe I hair alchemy strengthening masque

oribe I hair alchemy strengthening masque

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This buttery soft treatment masque replenishes and strengthens fragile strands. Intense hydration restores elasticity to brittle locks which helps prevent breakage, allowing hair to grow longer. Moisture-magnifying shea butter and yacón root quench and nourish weak hair, while our Curative Blend goes deep within the cortex to strengthen strands from the inside out. Recharge with the ultimate treatment for longer and stronger hair.

Massage, indulge (for as long as you want), rinse. Especially dry or highly textured hair can use in place of conditioner.

Deeply conditions and leaves hair ultra-soft and fortified
Provides intense hydration for fragile, weak hair
Penetrates strands to reinforce and strengthen from the inside out
Encourages length by preventing breakage and increasing elasticity
Improves hair's structural integrity

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