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    tiny bandit I ritual oil - wander wild

    CRYSTAL RITUAL OIL: CRYSTAL RITUAL OIL: Covetable and visually stunning. Even the feeling of the crystals slowly drifting down in the bottle as you apply it is captivating. A perfume oil created with a special nourishing virgin coconut oil that hydrates and nourishes your skin verses dry it out like traditional alcohol based perfumes. Apply to pulse points and kissable areas like your decolletage, neck and behind the ears. Find your ritual and do what makes you well and happy.


    WANDER WILD FRAGRANCE: Delicate Persimmon nectar and Aloe Water are entwined with Cactus Flower Botanicals and Litsea Cubeba. Undertones of Amber and Musk ground this subtle fruit based floral.


    Moonstone: A soothing calming stone that beams positive vibes to support mental health and harmony. Helpful in improving self confidence and balance.


    Labradorite: Calls in adventure and assists in ridding anxiety and strengthening intuition. Eases change and promotes reinvention and creativity.


    Clear Quartz: Draws off negative energy. Encourages clarity of thought and increased energy levels. Elevates your vibration, positivity and purpose of heart and mind.